Your 2019 leadership development plan

How will your leadership grow in 2019?

By Christina Ryan – DLI CEO


As the year draws to a close it’s a great time to reflect of what you’ve achieved and what you plan for 2019.


How did your leadership grow in 2018? Have you added new skills, grown some specific attributes or personal qualities, gained confidence or built knowledge in a new area?


What’s your personal leadership development plan for 2019? Here are a few tips:


  1. Identify a skill that you’d like to build. Just one. It might be improving your networking, getting sharper at messaging, or building your meeting effectiveness. Maybe you’d like to get better at public speaking or doing media. Only you know your leadership goals, so identify a skill that will assist you to get there and spend the next year focusing on building it and gaining confidence in using it.


The purpose of focussing on one skill is to make sure you can do it! Sometimes we give ourselves big lists and create high expectations that we then get too busy to fulfil. Make your one skill an achievable one that you can keep coming back to without going off track too much.


  1. Which personal quality or attribute are you growing in 2019? I spent 2018 practicing receiving – allowing myself to accept gifts and compliments from others. It was a tough haul sometimes, but after a year of focussing on this its easier now than when I started.


What will you focus on? Will it be patience, generosity, responsibility, or risk taking? Perhaps you would like to grow your self-awareness or emotional intelligence? Each day remind yourself that you are doing this and when you have an opportunity to practice your personal quality, notice it and note how you use it. Over time it will shift, and you will find it easier to use consciously.


  1. What will you be curious about in 2019? Select one area to avoid overwhelming yourself. Will it be Artificial Intelligence, governance procedures, successful team leading, change management? The Future Shapers are diving deep into what defines collaboration. Your subject could be anything. Find a subject that sparks your interest and read about it. Go outside your usual reading networks, check out the local library, and get online to find more. Ask your peers what they know about the subject and whether they have any favourite books or articles. Dive right in and build your knowledge!


Don’t forget, this is about how you do things, not what you are doing. So, keep it manageable, keep it specific. Enjoy your learning!


There’s your 2019 plan!

  1. A skill to build
  2. A personal quality to grow
  3. A subject to know more about
  4. Your DLI networking group to bounce off and grow with


Perhaps 2019 is your year to step up and focus on major leadership development by doing the Future Shapers or undertake intensive individual development through coaching. Contact me directly if 2019 is your year to push your leadership development.


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