What I read on holidays

By Christina Ryan – DLI CEO


I read, a lot. Being on holiday really gives me time to dig a bit deeper and read a lot more than I usually would because I have a lot more down time while I’m up and about.


One thing I have always stuck to: I never read anything except fiction in bed. Its just how it works for me. Once I switch off I prefer to give my brain time to travel and I particularly love science fiction (got that from my parents), fantasy, and dystopian stuff.


I’m really privileged because my local public library runs a home library service for disabled people and others who struggle with getting to the library or getting around the library. Every month I drop in, with an assistant, and pick up a sack of books. Sometimes they’re great, sometimes they’re awful, but there is always something in there that I never would have read otherwise and love. I’ve found some great authors this way and can’t speak highly enough of the volunteers at the Home Library Service. It’s like Christmas all year.


When I’m up and about and/or working I read a lot of articles that might be of interest to our members, but I also read heaps of leadership and management stuff that sparks interest for me. I got lucky this holiday with the new edition of Harvard Business Review arriving the week before I went away, so I got some great breakfast reading easily packaged.


Having more time for reading is a gift. It’s a great reminder why holidays are good for so many reasons. Here’s the list of what I read during my holiday.




The latest Harvard Business Review did this great series on how CEOs manage their time and how that reflects on their leadership:


  1. How CEOs Manage Time
  2. What Do CEOs Actually Do?
  3. One CEO’s Approach to Managing His Calendar



How to Prepare for a Panel by Dorie Clark in Harvard Business Review.


4 Questions to Ask Yourself on Your Next Vacation by Art Markman in Fast Company.


Do Your Employees Feel Respected? By Kristie Rogers in Harvard Business Review


The Other Diversity Dividend by Paul Gompers and Silpa Kovvali in Harvard Business Review


Creating a Purpose Driven Organization by Robert E. Quinn and Anjan V. Thakor in Harvard Business Review




Blue Ocean Shift by W. Chan Kim and Renée Mauborgne


Remembering the Myall Creek Massacre edited by Jane Lydon and Lyndall Ryan




I listened to this podcast about Quantum Computing on Westpac Wire


And because:

The Best Business Book You’ll Read All Year Will Be a Novel by Art Markman in Fast Company

I read fiction, and lots of it:


The Good People by Hannah Kent

Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley (he’s a Canberra boy!)

Obelisk by Stephen Baxter

Eternity by Greg Bear


I still ended up with a stack of reading that I wanted to get to but didn’t manage. That’s okay, holidays are also important for not being too structured and for getting caught up with unexpected fun things!


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